SYNCHRONUS (pronounces SIHN-kro-nuhs, from Greek syn-, meaning "with" and chronos, meaning "time") is an adjective describing objects or events that are coordinated in time. In information technology. In program-to-program communication. Protocol would be a transmission of files from one point to another. 


First "STARS" Tablet

"STARS" (stagehand, time, attendance reporting system).

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St.Jude Walk / Run to END Childhood Cancer.

All the employees at In-House Production give up their time for this GREAT Event. We dress the new banners on the frames, supply gear for the event, and use our time to install the banners. The Start/Finish line as well as the stage banners. 

Setting up the Start and Finish banners for the St. Jude Walk/Run Event 2018 at Town Square.

What a great turnout at the Finish line for a GREAT Walk/Run Event. 

In-House Production is glad to be a part of this GREAT Event. Helping St. Jude help the KIDS.....




  WHAT'S AT IHP!     

Stagehand Labor For:

  • Entertainment Industry
  • Special Events
  • Industrial and Corporate Trade Shows
  • Conventions
  • Theme Parties
  • Concerts
  • Theater
  • Broadway Shows
  • Films and Movies
  • Outdoor Events
  • Construction Industry


  • Skilled and Certified Stage Labor.
  • Payroll or Payrolling Service.
  • Production Support.
  • Stage Crew, AV Tech's.
  • Riggers, Up or Down.
  • Stage Electricians.
  • Programmers.
  • Stage Carpenters.
  • Stage Audio.

Areas We Services:

  • Nevada - Las Vegas, Laughlin, Henderson, Primm, Reno.
  • California - Los Angeles, Anaheim, Palm Springs, Fresno.

Equipment Rental Gear:

  • Equipment Rental or Sale.
  • Truss & Chain Hoists.
  • Rigging Gear & Hardware.
  • Custom Rigging Manufacturing.
  • Theatre Fly-System Inspections and Repair.
  • Rigging Inspections.
  • Staging/Platform Rental.
  • Installation of Video Walls.
  • Custom Hanging Hardware for Monitors & Audio.
  • And Much-Much More.